Legal Needs

When The Bail Is Forfeited Or Violated

It could happen. Those who deliberately set out to forfeit their bail terms and conditions, and those who deliberately set out to violate them, should expect the law to come down hard on them. There comes a time when leniency expires and even the local bailbonds Ventura professional handling a case could run out of patience. But even so, there could be those times when forfeitures and violations simply cannot be helped.

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But in cases like these, it is perhaps best left to the professional bondsmen that work for specialized companies such as Ventura County Bail Bonds to fully prepare arrestees and also help reassure them that there are ways and means, legal means, to stay out of jail, stay out of trouble. It is, it can never be easy, even under the best circumstances, for low income earners, and especially for those who have no work. It could happen after a defendant is released from jail after his bail has been paid.

He fails to appear for his scheduled court appearance. He also fails to comply with some of the terms and conditions set by the court. When this sort of thing happens, the offender forfeits the bail that was paid. So alongside of being rearrested, he also puts himself in the challenging situation of having to pay back the money that was paid on his behalf. And that could make things all the more challenging for him.

It could become worse if he has already signed over his property because he could have lost it all. But alongside of the bail bonds official, the court is always willing to listen to what and why and set new conditions going forward. So if in doubt, do ask.